Ardaco – a leading security expert

Established in 1996 and headquartered in the EU Ardaco has always placed technical expertise at the heart of its offering. Developing and patenting technology which is used the world over by corporations, governments, military and emergency services and with official recognition by entities such as NATO as a certified provider of secure communication services. Our NATO approval ensures we can meet and exceed the formal compliance requirements for almost any global government entity.

The company has pioneered and patented new technologies including Electronic Paper Protection (PDMark), Qualified Electronic Signature Solutions (QSign) and a secure voice communication system for smartphones, Silentel. In 2008, as one of the first companies worldwide, Ardaco created a new IP based product package for secure voice/data communication and messaging called Silentel. In 2010 Ardaco pioneered a new secure messaging system for mobile communication and world most innovative and economical mobile communication solutions for military, police, crises management organisations, integrating Silentel with typical military or police existing infrastructures such as radios, satellite communication and private communication systems.

Ardaco provides the most comprehensive and technologically superior secure communication and data solutions. Addressing the exact needs of an organisation, delivering effective and proven solutions safeguards against the growing cyber threat. Ardaco solutions are uniquely scalable – from two users to thousands. Combined with an ease of implementation and operability the result is a system which is appropriate for any organisation.

We have customers and partners in over twenty countries worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North & South America ranging from new enterprises to national governments.

If you have concerns about your security requirements and would like to find out in more detail about how Ardaco can help please contact us. We promise discretion and solutions which protect your privacy and enhance your ability to do business.

Quality Management System

We in Ardaco place great emphasis on the quality of the products and services delivered to our customers. The company has therefore introduced a sophisticated quality management system which is being constantly improved in order to secure quality in the rapidly changing environment of information technologies. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and regular auditing ensures that we achieve and maintain rigorous standards of both quality and reliability.