For twenty years Ardaco has been at the forefront of developing information and communication technology to help organisations communicate securely and efficiently.

Our experts are drawn from all over the world and ensure that Ardaco is a lead innovator in the field of information and communication technology and information security. Our work on a number of European Union projects contributing to increased understanding and effectiveness throughout the industry.

In recent years, Ardaco has been actively involved in European and Slovak technological and research cooperation structures such as EPoSS ETP, ARTEMISIA JTI, SECRICOM, FREESIC and REDIRNET.

According the official statistics made by EU after FP7 Programme, Ardaco is the best SME company from Slovakia with 6 successful finished projects with funding more than 3.15 million €.


Secure OpenAdvanced Metering Infrastructure

Main project objective:

Hlavným cieľom projektu je zabezpečiť praktické uplatnenie inovácie vysokého stupňa dosiahnutej realizáciou činností priemyselného výskumu.

Realizácia projektu je zameraná na inováciu produktov spočívajúcu vo výskume, návrhu a zabezpečení praktického uplatnenia bezpečnej otvorenej pokročilej meracej infraštruktúry - SOAMI (Secure OpenAdvanced Metering Infrastructure).

Projekt SOAMI je zameraný na poskytovanie nového typu komplexných smart služieb, ktoré umožnia využitie už existujúcich riešení a výrobkov v oblasti pokročilej meracej infraštruktúry a IoT zariadení a meračov.

Projekt je realizovaný 2 partnermi (Ardaco, a.s., T - Industry, s.r.o.), nadväzuje na doterajšiu činnosť oboch partnerov a je realizovaný prostredníctvom jednej hlavnej aktivity: Priemyselný výskum. Projekt je realizovaný v Bratislave.

Main objective of the "Industrial Research" activity:

Výskum a návrh systému „SOAMI - bezpečná otvorená pokročilá meracia infraštruktúra“ podporený novo vyvinutým senzorom integrovaného prostredníctvom bezpečných IoT senzorových sietí.

Výsledkom projektu bude inovácia produktov vysokého stupňa – produkty nové pre európsky trh.

Parciálne výsledky realizácie jednotlivých činností budú zosumarizované a transformované do konečného výsledku realizácie projektu, t.j. do zhotovenia funkčných prototypov nových produktov – IoT elektronický modul pre SmartMetre a SOAMI - platforma smart služieb, ktoré budú následne uvedené do produkčnej praxe/ produkcie (poskytovania služby) prijímateľa a partnera podľa požiadaviek.

Ciele a výsledky projektu sa budú sledovať prostredníctvom 10 merateľných ukazovateľov.

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Fire Danger Assessment Automatized System

demand-oriented project funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget
project code in ITMS2014+: 313012Q879

Main project objective:

The main objective of the project is to ensure the practical application of high-level innovation achieved through the implementation of industrial research activities.

The project is focused on the production of a new system FDAAS – Fire Danger Assessment Automatized System, which will increase the level of protection in the natural environment. The proposed service offers a detailed assessment of the risk of fire.

The project is implemented by 2 partners (Ardaco, a.s., Technical University in Zvolen). The research and development part of the project is realized in Trnava and Zvolen. The innovative part of the project is realized in Trnava.

Main objective of the "Industrial Research" activity:

Research and design of a complex automated system for fire hazard assessment in the natural environment based on data on atmospheric and microclimatic conditions of the environment obtained through IoT sensor networks.

Main objective of the action "implementation of innovative measures":

Ensuring the practical application of the high-level innovation achieved and its introduction into the applicant's production process.

The result of the project will be produced and subsequently put into production practice a new product (service) - FDAAS - automated system for fire risk assessment in natural environment with higher spatial resolution than existing systems, through research and design of innovative methods of creating and evaluating fuel model using the latest modelling methods and sensor network technologies.

The objectives and results of the project will be monitored through 10 measurable indicators.

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Comprehensive communication device for innovative management of production and support processes in industry

A demand-driven project funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget project code in ITMS2014 +: 313012P897

Main objective of the project:

The main objective of the project is to support research and development and innovation activities for the purpose of high-level product innovation in the context of the industrial revolution "Industry 4.0".

The project focuses on product innovation based on development and subsequent production of FaceControl product - a comprehensive communication device oriented on production processes and support processes management in industry.

The project is implemented by 3 partners (APIS Ltd., Ardaco, a.s., Institute of Informatics SASc), builds on the work of all three partners so far and is implemented through 2 main activities. The innovative part of the project is realized in Banská Bystrica. Research and development part is realized in Banská Bystrica, Trnava, Liptovský Mikuláš and Košice.

The main objective of the "industrial research" activity:

Research on innovative methods of managing production and support processes in Industry with using state-of-the-art identification and monitoring technologies using methods of face recognition in working area.

The main objective of the "implementation of innovative measures" activity:

Ensure the practical application of the high degree of innovation achieved and introduction into the applicant's production process.

The result of the project will be a functional prototype of the new product - FaceControl - complex communication device oriented on managing production and support processes in industry (including a mobile identification module and a module to authenticate image data), which will then be put into production practice / series production of the applicant according to the requirements, which will achieve the planned high-level product innovation.

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Completed projects



Emergency Responder Data Interoperability Network



Free Secure Interoperable Communications



Technology research for the management of business processes in heterogeneous distributed systems in real time with the support of multimodal communication



Smart Control of Demand for Consumption and Supply to enable balanced, energy-positive buildings and neighbourhoods



Seamless Communication for Crisis Management



Printable memory solutions for sensor, ID and media applications



Cooperative Hybrid Objects Sensor Networks



An Innovative RFID Security SEAL for the Aerospace Industry



RFID Community Network – Raising Awareness and Competitiveness in Europe

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